Morro Bay

I just returned from spending the better part of the week at Morro Bay, California. My sister had rented a house there, and most of her family was there. The house was right on the beach…nothing between us and the water except a little iceplant and sand dunes.  We have had many family reunions and outings there, but usually camped at the state park.

I had taken my paints expecting to maybe do a few works for an upcoming show at Lake Tahoe this summer. They want mainly Sierra scenes, so wasn’t sure how many real plein air paintings I was going to do.

The house had a nice little outdoor alcove which was perfect to set up. Good light, and protection from the howling wind. I ended up doing a Lake Tahoe scene, and a Yosemite scene. Below are a couple photos of the alcove and my setup.


Below is a snapshot of the Yosemite painting of Tenaya Lake, still a work in progress.


I couldn’t resist doing one painting of Morro Rock, which was just down the beach. I set up right on the back porch, overlooking the ocean. The wind was so strong though, I only managed to do about a 15 minute color study of the rock itself, but I think was right on in capturing the atmosphere of the coastline.