Carmel Art Festival 2012

Just returned from the Carmel Art Festival. The weather this year was great, and it was good to meet old artist friends and make new ones! Below is a brief day by day post on the experience…

Drove down to Monterey/Carmel to participate in the Carmet Art Festival. After checking into my motel, I stopped by the festival to have my canvases stamped. In plein air competitions such as this, you have several days to paint at least two paintings, which are then auctioned off. The festival coordinators stamp the back of the canvas to ensure all work is done in the two days allotted.

After having my canvases stamped, I headed down the coast to Garrapata State Park to start a painting on Soberanes Point. I wanted to catch the sun in the late day, as the forecast was foggy mornings. I worked a little over an hour on a smaller canvas with the intent of finishing it later.

BTW, all pictures were taken with my iPhone, so may not be the highest quality.

The next morning it was a little foggy, so I went out mid morning and painted all day around Elkhorn Slough. In the morning I worked on this painting of a little side inlet–

After lunch at Phil’s Fish Market and Restaurant (great fish restaurant, I had Sand Dabs) in Moss Landing, I headed back to Elkhorn road and did a painting looking through the trees at Elkhorn Slough. There was still a little fog hanging around which made for great depth in the painting–

Here is a picture of my easel with the tail door of my SUV, which I used to help shield some of the wind.

I saved Friday for painting down the coast as the forecast was to be completely clear. I headed out to be there at the crack of dawn, and I wasn’t disappointed. I painted a piece on the trail out to Soberanes Point looking up the coast near where I had started the other painting on Wednesday. When I got there, light was just starting to splash on the land. What a magnificent scene! The picture below was taken near the completion of the painting when the sun was completely up—

Taking a break, I walked over to where two other artists in the show were painting across the cove. You can see Soberanes Point in the background. Coraly, on the left, shows at the same gallery I do, James Harold Galleries, in Tahoe City. The other was Josh, who I just met–

After lunch, I touched up the two paintings I planned to enter in the festival, and framed them ready to go! I then went out and finished the piece I had started Wednesday on Soberanes Point. This gave me plenty of time to get the paintings in by the 8pm deadline.

After sleeping in Saturday and having a leisurely brunch, headed over to the festival. I was honored with an honorable mention on the painting I did of Elkhorn–

The other painting I entered was the Friday morning piece along the coast —

Here is a shot with me by the two paintings–

Both pieces already had auction bids, so I was quite pleased!

Later in the day, was the awards ceremony, and here is a shot with Gil Dellinger, the judge, giving me the award–

My wife, her two brothers plus spouses drove down for the day, so we all went out and celebrated with a big prime rib and fish dinner!

Since I won an award, I was eligible to participate in the Sunday quickdraw. They give you 2 hrs to produce a painting, framed and ready to sell. This means you have about 90 minutes to actually do the painting. After I got my canvas stamped, I drove to the Carmel Scenic Drive, a mile or so away, found a good spot, and did a panorama of Carmel Beach–

The quickdraw auction was well attended. Here are a few pictures, including my painting–

When I was out painting the quickdraw, a local couple stopped to say hello whom I had met at the auction the day before and really like my work. They liked what I was painting, so they ended up purchasing it at the quickdraw auction.

When I had arrived at the show Sunday morning, I noticed the Elkhorn piece was still there. It had gotten at least one bid during the Saturday auction, so should have been paid for and gone. It turns out the bidder withdrew, which surprised me a bit as I didn’t think they could do that! The festival sponsors are still tracking it down to let me know exactly what happened.

A little after three o’clock, I packed up and headed home. It was a great week with good weather, sold a few paintings, got an award, re-acquainted with fellow artists, and a great tan.

Next up is the Los Gatos Plein Air Show June 12-16!