Burney Falls

Since April 2020 I have posted on Facebook a painting each day as a brief diversion from the lockdowns and other bad news this year. Neglecting my weblog, I’ll post in the coming days some of my better posts.

Burney Falls, 30×48, acrylic on canvas

Water. I love water. Especially streams and waterfalls. When I was a kid, I used to build streams in the backyard with rocks, and even bought and mixed my own cement to make them. The first thing I put in my last home was a backyard stream, and intend on putting one in our new home we just moved to. Virtually every painting I do has water in some form.

Closing out 8 weeks of offering virus diversions from the “Studio Borstal”, is a waterfall in Northern California. I have only been there once, but produced this large painting from my visit. It’s an acrylic from the early 2000’s.