Devil’s Slide

We have had a pretty wet last couple of weeks, but during a break between storms, I headed out to Half Moon Bay to meet with an old college days friend for lunch.  Of course, I have to make it a day with some painting and droning along the way!

After waiting for rush hour traffic to die down, took off for the hours drive to Half Moon Bay.  By the time I arrived, it was only about an hour before lunch, so explored a bit, took pictures, and a couple drone flights.

After a long lunch, I headed up the coast to an area called Devil’s Slide.  Recently, Caltrans built a tunnel bypassing the slide area, but the last turnout allows walking access to the old road, so decided to do a painting right there.  By that time I only had a couple hours to paint before the parking lot closed.

I didn’t really get a finished painting as I was enjoying the scenery as much as working.  I am still trying to decide if I should finish the painting in the studio, or start a new one sometime in the future.

Below are a few pictures of the day.  Click on the thumbnail for a larger view.


There was no droning allowed right there, so I drove back down the coast and took some arial shots.  Enjoy this short video above the beautiful California Coast entitled “Coastal Soothe“…


If you saw my last post, FOAM, most of that was videoed during the visit.

Thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned for more developments!


I was painting along the California coast yesterday, and of course, flying my drone.  I stayed until sunset and captured some amazing aerial shots around Half Moon Bay, and north towards Pacifica at the Devils Slide area and the new tunnels.  It inspired me to throw together this more artsy video which includes shots from yesterday, and others from the past year.  I think it is my favorite drone video so far…


I recorded other amazing video while painting, so stay tuned for more spectacular viewing, and maybe a painting!

Painting Half Moon Bay

Pillar Point, 8x16, oil on board
Pillar Point, 8×16, oil on board

Has it really be a year since I have posted to this blog? Well…gulp…yes. I post most of my new paintings and other activities to Facebook these days, so this blog has been neglected, however, I just changed the blog to a new look, and I’ll resolve to post more here from now on!

Yesterday I took a trip to Half Moon Bay, California, to meet an old friend for lunch, and also spend the day painting. I got a late start, but after a little over an hour drive got to my painting location at Venice Beach (not the Los Angeles version, but the Half Moon Bay version) around 11:30 am. I only had about an hour to start a painting before my lunch engagement with Stephen, a friend I have known since college days.

I painted a view of Pillar Point across Half Moon Bay. This view is where Frenchman’s Creek empties into Half Moon Bay, on the Pacific Ocean. In the distance is Pillar Point where the Pillar Point Air Force Station is located. You can barely make out one of the radar domes on the bluff. The Pillar Point AFS is the northernmost instrumentation site of the Western Missile Range, which has multiple radar instruments for various tracking purposes.

The Mavericks surfing location is off the tip of the point where some of the biggest waves in the world are located and the site of the famous Mavericks surfing competition.

After lunch at MiraMar Beach Restaurant, I headed back to finish the painting. Since about the only way to get home through Silicon Valley would be in terrible traffic from about 4:00-7:00pm, I either had to leave at three or wait until 6:30. I finished the painting of Pillar Point around 3:30, so decided to stay until the sun went down around 6:40. So, I moseyed down the coast checking places to paint, napped a bit, and ended up close to the Ritz-Carlton hotel which sits on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. By then, there wasn’t enough time to do another painting, so watched the sun dip below the Pacific, then headed home…and there was still lots of traffic!

Here’s a few pictures from the day (Click on the thumbnails for larger pictures)…