Bracebridge Morning

“Bracebridge Morning”, 22×28, oil on canvas

The Bracebridge Dinner is an extravaganza and theatrical performance in Yosemite Valley’s Ahwahnee Hotel dining room during the month of December. A tradition since 1927, for a few weeks, the grand dining room is transformed into a Renaissance scene of Bracebridge Hall patterned after Washington Irvings writings. The four hour event includes a stunning array of singers and actors who tell the story of Lord Bracebridge and people of his household. A number of the cast are from the San Francisco Opera company. All this happens during a 7 course feast. The Wall Street Journal noted in 2006: “Bracebridge is, without much doubt, the country’s, if not the world’s premier Christmas dinner.”

So what does this dinner have to do with this painting?

From the “estidyo tou pre Bay la ” is the first large painting done in my new studio.  In December 2017, as my birthday present for that year, Josie and I treated ourselves to the Bracebridge Dinner.  It had been on my bucket list for decades, however it was so popular, attendees were chosen by lottery.  Recently, however they changed to normal first come first serve reservations. It was bitter cold our entire stay in the valley and was feeling a bit under the weather, so didn’t paint, but on a morning walk in the valley came upon this scene, and have been wanting to paint it ever since.  

The scene is close to Swinging Bridge on the path to Yosemite Lodge where we were staying.  Once again, am not sure I am completely done with this painting, but will set it aside for a few weeks to see if I want to change anything.

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