Carmel Day Trip

Did a day trip down to Carmel and Big Sur today. I do this yearly about a week before the Carmel Art Festival which I will be participating in next week. Although weather conditions can quickly change, I like to get a feel for what the weather and surf will be like next week. I also like to scout out new places to paint, although I have pretty much covered the entire area many times!

After stopping in the town of Carmel (more about this later), eating lunch at Cafe Stravaganza, I headed down the coast and hiked around Point Sobrantes in Garrapata State Park, one of my favorite painting places. I just snapped pictures and found a few possibilities to paint next week. Below is one shot–


I heard the iceplant were in good bloom this year, so decided to head to Pacific Grove to paint the colors. I did one 8×10 painting in a little over an hour and about the time I finished, the fog started rolling in, so called it a day and headed home.


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  1. Certainly was. Hope it holds up for the festival next week, although I like a little fog to add drama to my paintings. Didn’t realize it till today, but came back with a sunburn!

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