Creative Spotlite Features Demo

Creative Spotlite, a great online source for free art lessons, discount art supplies and other resources just featured my new Commission/Demo to their art instruction blog.  If you haven’t checked out their website and blog, it is a great resource for any artist.  You can also subscribe to their art instruction blog just like any weblog, and/or receive emails with updates to their Artist Spotlite and Painting Lessions.  Be sure to check them out!

You can check out my demo on their site here, or on my own website here.

Anatomy of a Commission

Earlier this year I did a large commissioned painting of Yosemite Valley at the height of the fall colors. The development of this commission is now documented as an Oil Painting demo on my primary web site. Included in the demo are portions of emails between me and the collector as the painting progressed which gives gives insight into the thought processes we all went through.

Yosemite Valley

Sequoia Art Group

I was invited to do a demo at the monthly meeting of the Sequoia Art Group last night.  The organization is a lively and friendly group of 25 or 30, and it was a great time.

I started the demo around 8 o’clock and painted until about 9:30.  I didn’t quite finish the painting, but will probably only take me another hour or so to complete.  The demo was a 16×20 seascape of the Big Sur coast around Garrapata State Park.  Below are a few pictures from the evening.

I had blocked in the basic composition and painted the sky in my home studio before the demo.  Starting the demo–


Here is a picture of the group during the demo–


Some of the group crowds around to watch–


Towards the end of the demo–


I’ll try to finish the painting in the next couple of days and post an image of it.  Thanks to the Sequoia Art Group for having me, and I hope they took away something from the evening!

Demonstration at James Harold Galleries

Following the reception yesterday at James Harold Galleries in Tahoe City, I did a demonstration painting in the gallery today. I had forgotten to bring any printed reference material, but have been using my iPod Touch more and more to display digital photos I have taken for studio paintings. Some of the gallery personnel wanted a painting of Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, so that was fine with me. The iPod Touch screen is so detailed, it is almost like looking at a slide. I had no problem finding some good reference photos of Emerald Bay, so time to start painting!

Below are a few shots of me painting. If you look real close below the canvas on the easel, you can see the little iPod Touch I was using to display my reference photos—


The painting turned out quite well. The gallery kept it and put it on a special easel until it dries and they can frame it. I forgot to get a good picture of it, so hopefully someone at the gallery can take a photo of it before it sells.

Menlo Art League Demonstration

Just returned from doing a demo at the Menlo Art League in Menlo Park, California. I had been invited to do the demo quite awhile ago, and tonight was the night.

Been debating on whether to paint a California seascape or a Lake Tahoe scene. Just before New Years, James Harold Galleries called, said they were selling, and wanted more of my works…see this blog post. So, that made my decision…paint Tahoe!!

It was a small, but good crowd, maybe 20 total showed including a handful from the Peninsula Outdoor Painters, whom I paint with occasionally on location. They had learned about it either indirectly, or directly from one of my emails….yes, emails work sometimes!!

I had about 90 minutes to work on the painting. As usual, I blocked in the basic painting prior to the event. When I demo, I try to use a fairly large panel so the audience can readily see it, usually a 16×20 (as this time), a hard canvas to cover in the allotted time, but I go for it and see what happens.

It went smoothly, but with the positioning of lights in the room and where my easel was set, I had a little trouble with matching the color on my palette with what I wanted on the canvas…not unusual in an outdoor environment!!

I got the painting about 60% complete, as I wanted to jump around to various parts to show my technique and how to do in certain areas.

Josie took the below photos.


Plein Air Painters of America

The Plein Air Painters of America is one of the preimminent plein air art associations in the U.S. They were holding their annual show in Stockton this year. Although they have events occurring all weekend, I wanted to go today while they were having a paint-out in a local winery. Some of the top plein air painters and landscape artists would be there.
Below are some photos of the event.

Ralph Oberg working on a scene of the vineyard
Gil Dellinger doing a pastel of the vines.
Scott Burdick, doing a portrait. I ran into Scott last January in Yosemite Park and painted with him a few days.
A group of the artists in the middle of the vineyards.
Kevin McPherson with quite a crowd. Kevin is considered one of the ‘deans’ of today’s plein air movement.


I had forgotten to post a picture of the demo painting I did several weeks ago at Sandy-by-the-Sea Gallery in Carmel, California. I was reminded of it when I got a check in today’s mail, as they sold the painting a week or so after the demonstration. Anyway, the gallery took a photo of it and emailed to me awhile back…so here it is.

Big Sur, california

Big Sur Afternoon * 8×10 * Oil on board

Mighty Art Demos

Although I usually don’t mention every web link to my website, I thought this was of note. I received an email from Bet Borgeson, the editor of Mighty Art Demos and Tutorials mentioning they have a link to the art demo on my website.

After perusing their site, I thought I would mention it here as a great resource for artists. There is a plethora of links to artists demos in various categories. You can search by Medium, Category and Artist’s Name. Although Bet, didn’t ask me, I reciprocated with a link from my website to their’s. Thanks Bet for a great Internet resource. Below is an image of my acrylic demo.

acrylic art demo, merced river

“Meet the Artist” at Sandy-by-the-Sea Gallery Follow-up

I mentioned in my last post that Sandy-by-the-Sea Gallery in Carmel is hosting a “Meet the Artist” each Saturday evening in September. I did my event last night.

We headed down to Carmel mid-afternoon. I wanted to stop on the way at Pebble Beach to visit Brian Blood and his wife and painting partner, Laurie Kersey. They were having an open house as part of the Monterey County Artists Studio Tours. Brian and Laurie just moved to a home in Pebble Beach, and their place looked wonderful. We only spent about 15 minutes and had to head to the gallery to get set up.

I was going to be painting in the gallery, so set up my easel and paints. I had started an 8×10 seascape in the morning, working maybe 20 minutes or so to block in the general shapes, etc. It’s a good thing, because I forgot to bring the photo reference, so had to complete the painting from memory! If there was enough interest, we would auction off the painting I completed that evening, or another painting, so I also brought along a Lake Tahoe scene painted just Thursday.

Carmel turned out to be pretty ‘dead’. The summer tourist season had pretty much ended, and not many were around. Probably throughout the evening a dozen or so wandered in and out of the gallery while I was painting.

I finished the 8×10 seascape with an hour to spare. It turned out quite well…one of my better small seascapes. Maybe I should paint from memory more often! I brought a spare canvas, so Sandy, the gallery owner asked me to start another seascape. Again, I painted mainly from memory, but using some of my other works in the gallery as guides. I got about half done with that one before it was time to pack up.

Below are a few shots towards the end of the evening.


Working on the second painting. Notice the first painting just below my arm sitting on the easel.


The paintings to the far right are some of my works hanging in the gallery.


Working on the second seascape.

After we packed up, my son wanted to drive to Moss Landing and eat at Phil’s Fish Market and Eatery…one of the better seafood places on the coast. It was a great dinner but we were so full brought about half of it home!

“Meet the Artist” at Sandy-by-the-Sea Gallery

Its a little bit last minute, but the Sandy-by-the-Sea Gallery in Carmel is hosting a “Meet the Artist” each Saturday evening in September. I’ll be there on Saturday, September 8 between 6 and 8. They will have a reception along with refreshments. I plan on doing a painting demonstration, and we will probably auction it off when complete.

Coincidentally, the Monterey County Artists Studio Tours is that weekend also.

Below is a painting I have showing at the gallery.

“Pescadero Cove” (plein air) * 12×16 * Oil on canvas board