Creative Spotlite

Last May, I installed “Google Analytics” on my website. “Google Analytics” tracks your website usage, how people find your site and a lot of other information. It is free, and the reports are quite comprehensive. After several months, the reporting shows some interesting trends. Almost 40% of the people who visit my website are referred by ““. This website has a link to my oil and acrylic demos. They have a myriad array of art demos, plus many tools for the passionate artist. So a big thanks to Ralph at “” for sending traffic my way! Below is a jpg of my plein air oil painting demo.

Menlo Art League Demonstration

Although it is a ways off, I have been invited by the Menlo Art League to do a demo at their monthly meeting January 9th next year. Not sure what I will demo, but most likely oil painting in a wet on wet technique. Below is a painting I did last March during a demo for the Los Gatos Art Association.


Truckee Snow * 16×20 * Oil on board

Demo at Good Samaritan

I was invited to do a demo painting at the Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose Today. This is part of the Los Gatos Art Association‘s program “Art in the Heart of the Hospital”. Not a big affair by any means, it is just me doing a painting demo in the main lobby of the hospital. It was about what I expected, people just going in and out and stopping to watch me paint for a few moments. I decided to do a seascape of the Pt Lobos area, similar to some I had done for the Carmel Art Show. Below are a few shots of the demo.

My easel and painting in the main lobby of Good Samaritan.
Posing in the same area.

My partially finished painting in the lobby.

Los Gatos Art Association DEMO Final Painting

Thought I would post the final painting from the Los Gatos Demo I did last Saturday. I spent a little over an hour finishing it. I might touch it up a bit more in the coming weeks, but it is about 98% done.


Truckee Snow * 16×20 * Oil on board

Los Gatos Art Association Demo

I mentioned in a previous blog I was invited to to a demonstration painting at the Los Gatos Art Association monthly meeting. Today was the day. I decided to demo a painting of a Truckee River snow scene. I had done a series of plein air snow scenes several years back, and am now doing some studio versions of them. You can read about my trips here, and here.

I only had about an hour to demo the painting, and the painting had to be fairly large so everyone could see. With fifty or sixty in attendance, they told me it was a good crowd for their meeting.

Below are some photos of the meeting, beginning with an introduction.


I used one brush to do the entire painting, a number 10 bright, which I use on about 95 percent of all my paintings, including the small ones.


A couple close-ups when I was about half way through the demo.


I probably got about 2/3 of the way towards completing the painting and stayed a few minutes afterward. When I finish the painting and have a chance to take a snapshot, will post it back to this blog.

I have a demo on my website of a similar scene which you can see here.

Demo at the Los Gatos Art Association Monthly Meeting

I have just been invited to do a demonstration painting at the Los Gatos Art Association monthly meeting on March 10, 2007. The scheduled guest artist had a medical emergency, so they asked me to fill in. Prospective members and guests are welcome to this meeting which takes place from 1:00-3:00 pm. For more information click here.

I will probably demonstrate my ‘wet-into-wet’ oil painting technique I use while painting ‘en plein air’, and most of my studio work. Below is a sample seascape painted entirely on location using the technique.