Nomadas Del Arte

Much of the artwork for the Nomadas Del Arte show is now up on the Southwest Gallery website. Each artist had a year to paint two plein air paintings for the show opening in Dallas in a couple of weeks. I hear some paintings have already sold! Both of my works are of Lake Tahoe. Looks like it will be a really good show You can see it here. My two paintings are below–

lake tahoe
East Shore Vista * 16×12 * Oil on panel

Lake Tahoe
Tahoe Inlet * 12*16 * Oil on panel

Demonstration at James Harold Galleries

Following the reception yesterday at James Harold Galleries in Tahoe City, I did a demonstration painting in the gallery today. I had forgotten to bring any printed reference material, but have been using my iPod Touch more and more to display digital photos I have taken for studio paintings. Some of the gallery personnel wanted a painting of Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, so that was fine with me. The iPod Touch screen is so detailed, it is almost like looking at a slide. I had no problem finding some good reference photos of Emerald Bay, so time to start painting!

Below are a few shots of me painting. If you look real close below the canvas on the easel, you can see the little iPod Touch I was using to display my reference photos—


The painting turned out quite well. The gallery kept it and put it on a special easel until it dries and they can frame it. I forgot to get a good picture of it, so hopefully someone at the gallery can take a photo of it before it sells.

Reception at James Harold Galleries

Today was the reception at James Harold Galleries in Tahoe City, California. The show actually started several weeks ago, but they decided to have the reception a little later than the actual opening. The show goes on until the end of September, so if you are in the area, be sure and stop by. Below are a few shots today–

Yours Truly with some of the smaller works–


Me again flanked by a few larger paintings–


A couple larger paintings over the reception desk–


Tomorrow I will be doing a demonstration painting in the gallery. I’ll have to decide tonight what subject matter to paint!

A Quick Trip to Tahoe

I just returned from a short visit to Lake Tahoe. My primary mission was to deliver 27 paintings to the James Harold Gallery for my one-person show which starts this holiday weekend. Between that, and the 20 or so paintings they currently have on hand, it should be a pretty good show. The works are mainly of Yosemite and Lake Tahoe, both studio and plein air. Below is a shot of one of the premier paintings (and also the largest) in the show:

“The Red Boat” (Cave Rock) * 48×36

The painting was so well received, several patrons expressed interest in it before it was even hung!

Of course, I did paint, but the conditions were not completely ideal as a lot of smoke was blowing in from the California wildfires. At times you could not see the other side of the lake! I’ll include just a few shots from my 3 day visit–

My easel and a partially complete painting–


From a painting session, Wednesday morning, it started as a beautiful day before the smoke started to roll in–


Here is a quick shot of the last painting on my easel, very near completion–


Carmel Art Festival Day 3

Today is the Carmel Art Festival‘s exhibit and sale. I had two paintings in the exhibit, shown in my last entry. There were lots of great paintings in the show. I am lucky to say I was in very good company!

The crowds were quite thin, though. My guess is less than half the number of people showed up relative to the past few years. At one time they had canceled this years show due to the economy, but then decided to go ahead with it. Sales also seemed slow, which I don’t think surprised anybody. Unlike past years when my works were bid up quite high, this year I sold only one of the two.

Below are a few shots of the show. First is ‘yours truly’ by my two paintings–


A couple shots of the exhibit–


After the festival ended for the day, Sandy-by-the-Sea held a reception and show for me and Stephen Sanfilippo. Here are a couple shots–


Tahoe Day 1

The Village Art Gallery at Lake Tahoe’s south shore closed down unexpectedly. The owner was having health problems, and decided to move to a more favorable climate. I made a quick trip up to the lake to get my paintings, and to do a few plein air studies.

Shelly Hocknell Zenter, another artist showing in the gallery had stored my paintings. After retrieving them, I dropped some off at another gallery which is considering showing my work. I will find out soon if they decide to represent me.

Below is one of the paintings showing at the old gallery.

Cave Rock

Carmel and Big Sur

I had recently been doing a series of small paintings of Yosemite. My gallery in Carmel wanted a few, so I decided to do the 90 minute drive down and then go on to Big Sur to do a little painting. My painting buddy, Nick White came along. The forecast was for a little morning fog followed by sun, so we were expecting a nice day.

We arrived in Carmel about 10:30, and the sun was out in abundance. After dropping the paintings off at the Sandy-by-the-Sea Gallery, Nick and I grabbed a bite to eat at the Rio Grille, then headed down to Garrapata State Park to paint.

I wanted to paint close to the car so I could carry my chair and save my bad back. We settled on a place I had painted several years before in the morning sun. I just checked the link to Garrapata State Park and the photo in the heading looks like the exact same spot! It was a wonderful sunny day, however very breezy! I had to fight the wind the entire time blowing my equipment and supplies around. We spent about one and a half to two hours, I did one painting, and Nick did two. Mine was definitely a keeper.

Below is the scene I painted–


Nick painting up the hill a bit–


My painting. I did not finish the bottom part as I just held the panel in my hand so I could just relax in my chair without bending over and aggravating my back–


We moved on to the next turnout, and spent a little less than an hour. I almost finished a 6×8, again leaving the bottom to finish later–


Here is Nick painting on the bluff–


After driving down the coast awhile, it was time to head back. Below is a shot of the coast with Bixby Bridge. I am sure you will agree it was a wonderful day!!


Back to Work & Trying New Technology

I didn’t paint much over the holidays, in fact not much the last month. I have had a lot of lower back pain the past few months, and although could still paint, just haven’t been overly enthused about sitting in front of an easel. I did make use of the time, however, watching some newly obtained demonstration videos by Scott Christensen. I met Scott at the 1991 Arts for the Parks event and have followed his exploding career ever since.

James Harold Galleries at Lake Tahoe called just before New Years, told me the market is picking up and they recently sold 4 of my works. Nothing like a little snow to bring in the skiers and subsequently the art customers! And nothing like selling some paintings to encourage me back to the studio! My back pain is also getting better, which helps.

I have done three small paintings the last couple days, and am trying some new technology. My wife gave me an iPod Touch, which allows you to download and view pictures on its 3.5 inch screen. I have gone all digital in my picture taking for some time, and usually print out studies I want to paint. Since my printer is having some problems, I decided to try painting from the iPod Touch. It works fairly well, as the screen is very clear, but I have to set it down and not touch it while painting. Why? Because I usually get paint all over my hands and don’t want to mess up my new iPod!

Below is a snapshot of one of my paintings with the iPod Touch. The painting is only 4×6 inches, barely larger than the iPod!!


In the past I tried painting from a laptop, but it takes up a lot of space in my cramped studio. I think I could do a large painting from the iPod as it gives plenty of detail of a scene…at least enough to paint from. Plus, I don’t have to waste paper to print out my studies. Nothing like new technology.

On New Years Resolutions and Goals

I am not much for New Year’s resolutions. Usually they fall by the wayside before spring ever appears. However, last year I set for myself a goal to establish a relationship and start showing in two new galleries. I could have set a goal for more, but I wanted to ensure a moderate progression so that I can create and show my best work without stretching my limits.

I did reach my goal fairly early in the year, in somewhat unexpected ways. I don’t want to discourage gallery seeking artists, but it seems when I approach a new gallery with the usual portfolio, slides, materials, etc. it rarely works.

My first gallery encounter was a close call. At the beginning of the year, I usually send out refrigerator calendar magnets with one of my paintings on it. Last year I sent out magnets with a painting I did of Mt Hood, shown below.


I decided to send a few to some galleries in Portland Oregon (close to Mt Hood) I found just by surfing the internet, just to see what might happen. One gallery in Portland Oregon, probably one of the better of the lot, received one of my calendar magnets & loved my work. They wanted to see some small originals. Usually when I get to this point, it is a shoe-in. Alas, when they got the originals, they liked them, but said they were ‘too close’ to what another artist in the gallery did, so no go. There is a case that several similar artists can create a synergy and boost sales, but I didn’t argue the point.

The first gallery I actually got in called me! It was a new gallery at South Shore Lake Tahoe, and they had seen my work at James Harold Galleries in North Shore Lake Tahoe. Since the galleries were fairly close, I checked with Hal at James Harold Galleries, and he said he had no problem with the proximity, and in fact might increase sales. At any rate, my work can now be seen at Tahoe Village Art Gallery. Below is a painting currently showing there.

Cave rock lake tahow

The second gallery came along unexpectedly, also. Carmel by the Sea is a little over an hours drive from my home and is one of the art meccas in the United States. There are upwards of 90 galleries in that small town. I never made a real effort to approach galleries there, but had been trying to develop some friendly relationships with some gallery owners over the past several years.

I made a visit to Carmel in early May as a precursor to the Carmel Art Festival I would be participating in. The town was fairly quiet as it was mid-week. I walked into one gallery, started talking with the owner, and before I knew it, he asked if I wanted to show there, pending his artist wife’s approval. Things worked out, and I brought a number of works down the following week. The gallery is Sandy-by-the-Sea, and according to them, I am probably their top seller. Below is a painting currently showing there.

Pescadero coastline

Well, after all this, I am setting a goal of at least one more gallery for 2008. I doubt they will ‘plop in my lap’ like the last two, but you never know.