Out and Back In at Sandy-by-the-Sea

During my visit to Carmel today, the bad economy was certainly showing. It seemed every block had at least one or two empty spaces with “For Lease” signs. Thirty year old businesses had shut down. Those I talked to, however said business has been picking up the last month or so. Let’s hope that trend continues!

Late last year, Sandy-by-the-Sea Gallery I was showing in Carmel was closing it’s doors. So, I took a trip to Carmel to retrieve my paintings. During my visit to Carmel today, I found they were still open! They originally were going to close, but couldn’t get out of the lease, one thing led to another, so they decided to stick it out. To make a long story short, they took some of my paintings back, and I will be delivering some new works next week. Below is one of the paintings which will soon be on display–

quiet waters, mosquito lake

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