Wild Hogs


This blog is normally about art, so why would I write a note about a movie? Well, many of you know I have a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and frequently take it on plein air trips. I can never decide whether the ride there is more fun than painting while there!
Been waiting some time for the movie Wild Hogs to be released, so I snuck out and watched it this afternoon. I don’t like to build movies up and say how great they are, because when someone else overrates it, it may become disappointing. However, if you like bikes or want to see a light-hearted good comedy, go see it!

As a postscript, searching the internet, I noticed most critics are panning the movie. I think they should lighten up…it’s not an Acadamy Award wannabe…just an entertaining flick.

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  1. Mr. Neff –

    When I read your comment on Ed’s blog about dipping your brush in your beverage I thought “ah, a kindred spirit” and then when I visited your site and saw your bike it was confirmed. My husband and I went back to NM (my home) for a riding vacation this fall and it was wonderful. We went to Madrid where a lot of Wild Hogs was visited – had our picture taken in front of “the cafe” (I ought to post that). I also loved the movie – all of us who ride can identify with those characters – all of them.
    Glad I found you – your work is wonderful.

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