California Art Club and Half Moon Bay

California Art Club was having a paint out at Half Moon Bay today, so decided to go. I hadn’t painted with them in quite awhile, and it was a beautiful day. We actually met in Princeton by the Sea, several miles north of Half Moon Bay & site of the world famous Mavericks surfer contest.

Would have been a great day to take the Harley, but my back was a little sore from a ride last Thursday, so took the car instead. After arriving at Princeton, I found Karen and Kay, two of the coordinators of the event and also long time painting acquaintances. They directed me to a good place to park and places to paint.

It was truly a lovely day! Nice and sunny with an occasional wispy cloud. It was fun just being out there! I ended up painting two works, one of the boat harbor, and then another along a beach area. Below are some shots of the day.

Here is part of the boat harbor. I ended up doing my first painting from the break-water in the middle ground.


My first painting was this scene. It has been decades since I painted a boat, so was fun to try for a change.



After a couple hours, I declared it finished…or at least as finished as it was going to get today. Below is a quick shot of the painting on the easel.


After completing the first painting, I wandered around and found some of the group close by painting the coastal magnificence.



After a quick lunch of fish and chips, I ended up joining the group and painting the restaurant I just ate at..


All too soon, it was time to head home. It had been quite awhile since I had been out on a group paint out, and I have been starting to miss it! Time to start going more often!!