2015 Carmel Art Festival

go site Once again I participated in the Carmel Art Festival and this was my tenth year to be in the show. During the competition, artists have two days to paint and present at least two finished and framed paintings for auction. The festival coordinators stamp the back of the canvas to ensure all work is done in the two days allotted.


enter I already posted these on Facebook, but for those who are not on social media, here are a few pictures from the show. Click on a thumbnail to view a larger picture–

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dissertation editor cost I ended up doing three paintings–


www homework help line Thanks for stopping in! In a few weeks it will be the Los Gatos Art Festival!

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Cambrian Art League Demo

essay prompts for 6th grade Yesterday, I did a demonstration at the Cambrian Art League. They are a lively group and meet in the Willow Glen area of San Jose. I did a painting of the Truckee River in the snow, and with all the talking, etc., only got about 2/3rds complete.


dissertation database uk Here’s a few pictures from the demo (Click on a thumbnail picture for a larger slideshow)–

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source Today I spent another hour or so to complete it, at least for now. Here is the complete piece–

Truckee Thaw, 12x16, oil on panel
Truckee Thaw, 12×16, oil on panel