Cambrian Art League Demo

Yesterday, I did a demonstration at the Cambrian Art League. They are a lively group and meet in the Willow Glen area of San Jose. I did a painting of the Truckee River in the snow, and with all the talking, etc., only got about 2/3rds complete.

Here’s a few pictures from the demo (Click on a thumbnail picture for a larger slideshow)–

Today I spent another hour or so to complete it, at least for now. Here is the complete piece–

Truckee Thaw, 12x16, oil on panel
Truckee Thaw, 12×16, oil on panel

2 thoughts on “Cambrian Art League Demo”

  1. I Love it !!! I remember staying at a motel that was like little cabins next to the Truckee River when I was around 9 years old. Attending Sqaw Valley F.O.T.

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