How To Do a Painting in 143 Seconds

codeine ultrarapid-metabolism genotype and postoperative death Enjoy this short video of a 90 minute demo I did for the Society of Western Artists reduced down to about two minutes.  After watching this, it seemed I was turned around talking to the audience as much as I was painting!

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metohexal succ 47 5 nebenwirkungen viagra You can also read about this demo and a revolutionary new painting technique on my weblog here.

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The Quest

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closest thing to viagra over the counter The quest started as a simple idea. I didn’t even know if I would, or even could finish it.  After all, it was a commitment for a year.  

myorderstatusinfo I didn’t know if any of it would turn out any good, or just a bunch of bad paintings for the scrap heap.  I didn’t know if anything would be interesting or worth looking at.  

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emedur 200mg viagra I didn’t know I would eventually paint ghost towns in Silicon Valley, or haunted springs, or wild beaver sign in a metropolitan city, or the worlds largest homeless camp, or the world’s first ‘plein air selfie’.

watch I didn’t know eventually strangers would walk up to me, give me a hug, and say I brought back their fond childhood memories.  

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go I also didn’t know it would snowball in scope and public interest way beyond my first simple idea.

viagra vatican Four years ago today, I started the year-long quest to paint a different “Creek and River of Silicon Valley” each week en plein air, or on location.

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viagra tarket market At the time, even finishing the year successfully was not known, but I ended up with 60 paintings of 43 different creeks all over the South San Francisco Bay area.  Little did I know it would grow with articles written by international art publications, multiple showings in various venues, and a book.  Discover about the quest, including a short documentary video, interactive map, and other information here–


universalrxpharmacy The collection of 60 paintings is still intact and will be for the foreseeable future.  I am still seeking venues both local and nationally for showings, so if any of you have ideas for venues, please let me know!

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