Art Map of the Waterways

Creeks Map

One of the neatest things online documenting the Creeks and Rivers of Silicon Valley quest is the online interactive map. Here, each painting location is shown, and when you click on each pin, the painting from that location pops up. It’s like taking an art tour of the waterways in Santa Clara Valley. You can see the map by clicking the link below–

You might notice there is an empty space right in the middle in the cities of Sunnyvale, Cupertino, and Santa Clara. Historically, very few creeks made it across this stretch of the valley soaking into the porous alluvial soil of the flatlands. What few creeks did make it across, I have already painted in more scenic areas closer to the foothills. In the flatlands, what still flows is mostly in underground culverts or cement channels. I am still scouring the area for places to paint, so will see what comes up in the next couple months.

BTW, I also have all the creeks paintings on Pinterest you can see here.

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