Big Thunder Mountain??

I have now done 9 of the 12 paintings in the new series introduced in a previous blog post. I am painting each one to about 60-80% complete, then will finish them at once so-as to ensure continuity and progression of colors, and values, etc. The series is 12 paintings (maybe a few more before I am done) of an event in 2006 which took about 15 minutes. Each canvas is 24×18 vertical orientation.

I previously referenced Warhol’s Campbell Soup Cans exhibit of 1962 when he painted 32 ‘paintings’ of all the Campbell Soup Can flavors mainly because my series are all the same size and orientation.

I won’t reveal the subject matter yet, as people are still guessing. Legend has it that some of the rock formations I am painting helped inspire Walt Disney when they designed the “Big Thunder Mountain Railroad” roller coaster. A little research seems to dispel this myth, but you never know. Below is a quick snapshot (using my iPhone) of another partially completed work which is somewhere in the middle of the series…

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