Many of you have heard and some have inquired about the earthquake we had in California last night around 8:00. It was only 5.6 on the Richter scale, but we were almost on top of the epicenter, so really shook the house for 10-15 seconds. Everyone and everything here is fine. We had a couple knick-knacks fall in the kitchen, but that was it.

More info can be found here:

Here is a map of the San Franciso Bay Area, the big blue box showing where the earthquake was centered. We live right around the bottom of the big blue square.


2 thoughts on “Earthquake!”

  1. We felt it too (in Redwood City). I have been in two quakes > 7.0, so it wasn’t bad, but you never know when it starts how bad it will get. That’s the scary part.

  2. Yes, that is always my first reaction. While it was happening I was wondering where the epicenter was because if it wasn’t close, someone else was getting it much worse!! It was actually quite a shaker here…not as bad as Loma Prieta, but certainly got your attention!

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