El Dorado

Since April 2020 I have posted on Facebook a painting each day as a brief diversion from the lockdowns and other bad news this year. Neglecting my weblog, I’ll post in the coming days some of my better posts.

“El Dorado”, 40×30, Acrylic on Canvas

“El Dorado”, 40×30, acrylic on canvas, always reminds me of the gentle roar of a high Sierra river as it plunges over rapids, cataracts, and falls. If you can find a campsite nearby, listening to the gentle white noise of the river is a wonderful way to lull you asleep at night.

Today’s offering from the “Studio Hold”, is another older acrylic, completed in the early 2000’s. This painting depicts the Clarke Fork of the of the Middle Fork of the Stanislaus River in the high Sierra mountains of California. It can be found on the Clark Fork Road just off Hwy 108 near Sonora Pass.

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