FortyFour: 5s

Continuing the ‘Creeks and Rivers of Silicon Valley’ year long quest.

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"5s", 8x10, acrylic on board
“5s”, 8×10, acrylic on board

So, how come I am doing a ‘plein air’ creek scene in only gold, silver, black, and white, of a creek that’s really not a creek, of a scene that really doesn’t exactly exist? Here’s the story…

I’ve been trying to figure out how to do a piece on Apple as it is probably the most internationally recognized brand name headquartered in Silicon Valley. There are no real creeks anywhere near Apple’s headquarters, however, there is an engineered channel which runs right by it between Infinite Loop Dr and Highway 280. It even has a name, Junipero Serra Channel.

The engineered drainage channel collects storm water from the area and diverts it to the Sunnyvale East Channel and Calabazas Creek. There was even a bit of water in it, although it wasn’t really flowing. The last painting, FortyThree: Fruit Tree was of the Sunnyvale East Channel, also an engineered channel, but a little prettier as it wasn’t just all concrete! I have also painted Calabazas Creek several times in ThirtyOne: A Setting Sun, and Forty: Plein Air Selfie.

After I painted it, was a little undecided whether to include it in the collection. I am not sure this should be counted as true plein air as it is a composite of the channel, and a part of Apple’s headquarters down the street. There was also a lot of pre-planning and later touchup in the studio. You could glimpse only a corner of the building, 3 Infinite Loop, through all the trees from where I was painting the channel, so painted the building from across the street about half a block away.

Since I was going off the reservation with this one, might as well go all the way and make it really different….by using only colors found in the iPhone 5s phones, gold, silver, and grey, plus black, and white (you can probably figure out how I got the grey). Acrylic would work better with a more iridescent gold and silver, and just happened to have those acrylic colors on hand. This is the first, and probably the last acrylic painting in the creeks quest.

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I also did a couple Panorama’s of the busy thoroughfare–

A Pano on the corner of DeAnza Blvd and the I280 ramp.
A Pano on the corner of DeAnza Blvd and the I280 ramp.
A Pano from across DeAnza Blvd of Apple Headquarters.
A Pano from across DeAnza Blvd of Apple Headquarters.

Afterwards, thinking about it, maybe should have painted it like one of these…

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