It’s About Time!

I started this website in 2001, which was one of the earlier artists websites around. Things were a bit more primitive then and harder to put together. Being from a tech background, though, I used the then state of the art tools, and kept the same look over the years. Between then and now we got smart phones, iPads, and all kinds of other devices. Web site building also got a lot easier. But, my website stayed it’s cluttered self.

I have now launched a new site, much cleaner, less cluttered, and is mobile device friendly. You are looking at it now. I am still curating some of the paintings under the Works tab, and adding a few pages, but the bulk of the old site has been moved over. Please enjoy browsing around, and let me know if there are any problems.

For the techies, I used to use Dreamweaver to build the site, but it has gotten way to complex and costly for what I need in a simple website. So, I just built on my weblog which runs under a local/private copy of WordPress.


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