Joseph Grant County Park

We had a short winter storm come through last night which brought rain and colder temperatures. I like going out and painting right after these storms, > as it is the best time in this area to catch some big cumulus clouds and clear air. I originally thought about heading towards the coast, but got a late start, so just headed up the hill behind my house to Joseph Grant County Park. I had not painted this area in quite awhile even though it is less than 20 minutes drive.

The drive up Quimby Road was spectacular as usual. You can see all of San Jose, the Silicon Valley and most of the way up the San Francisco Penninsula on a good day. Dotted along the road are old farmhouses, barns, and myriad of farm animals.

I did an 11×14 painting at Grant Lake. The clouds were wonderful and I made it mainly a cloud scape. As the clouds drifted in and out, the light would dance through the hills making it an ever changing scene. The painting turned out good, a keeper. Below are some photos.


Grant Lake when I arrived.


My easel and the lake when I was about finished.


The painting on the easel. I will post a better picture of the painting when I get around to photographing it better.

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