Ketchikan, Alaska

As I mentioned in my previous post, we are off to Vancouver for a cruise to Alaska aboard the Sapphire Princess, and I am writing this after returning home.

After flying to Vancouver, and sailing up the coast, we arrived in Ketchikan today. It was rainy and drizzling, and the ‘cabin was still asleep’, so I decided to do a quick painting from our cabin balcony. I brought some acrylics, which I don’t use much now days, so it may take a few paintings to get back in the groove. Below are a few shots from the session.

Below is a shot right outside our cabin balcony while in port–


I thought the scene looked interesting, so decided to paint it from right there. Below is a shot of my travel kit and part of the cabin balcony–


Below is a quick snapshot of the painting, about 45 minutes worth of effort–


We have been here before, and I would have liked to have taken my paints into town, and paint Creek Street which is full of wonderful old buildings, but with the constant drizzle wasn’t sure if I could find a place to actually get out of the rain and a steady stream of tourists. I guess that will have to wait for some later studio paintings.

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