Light Filtering Among the Small Clouds

Sunsets on Monterey Bay by Fort Ord (now closed) are often breathtaking and captivating experiences. The reflection of the sun on the waters of Monterey Bay adds to the beauty of the scene, creating a serene and picturesque atmosphere.

Prior to moving to Marina, CA, I visited the area frequently showing in art galleries in Carmel, and at the annual Carmel Art Festival for the last couple decades. I always drove right by Marina and the massive dunes to go further south to the rocky Big Sur coast and other areas which I thought would be better subject matter for my paintings.

Now, I walk along the dunes with my wife, Josie, 3-5 times a week for daily exercise, and the ideas for painting studies there are seemingly endless. Riding my eBike along the coastal trails is also fun and great exercise! I am losing track of how many times I have painted them, but here is another one!!

What drew me to this particular sunset was the light filtering among the small clouds in the upper atmosphere. They didn’t seem to be affected by the bright yellows and oranges of the sun and clouds below. Enjoy this new piece just off the easel.

Dunes Sunset, 24×18, oil on canvas

For those who know the area, I call this Divarty Hill, just west of the Divarty Rd/Hwy 1 underpass. Some may recognize the tree, but I replaced the asphalt road with vegetation.

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