Menlo Art League Demonstration

Just returned from doing a demo at the Menlo Art League in Menlo Park, California. I had been invited to do the demo quite awhile ago, and tonight was the night.

Been debating on whether to paint a California seascape or a Lake Tahoe scene. Just before New Years, James Harold Galleries called, said they were selling, and wanted more of my works…see this blog post. So, that made my decision…paint Tahoe!!

It was a small, but good crowd, maybe 20 total showed including a handful from the Peninsula Outdoor Painters, whom I paint with occasionally on location. They had learned about it either indirectly, or directly from one of my emails….yes, emails work sometimes!!

I had about 90 minutes to work on the painting. As usual, I blocked in the basic painting prior to the event. When I demo, I try to use a fairly large panel so the audience can readily see it, usually a 16×20 (as this time), a hard canvas to cover in the allotted time, but I go for it and see what happens.

It went smoothly, but with the positioning of lights in the room and where my easel was set, I had a little trouble with matching the color on my palette with what I wanted on the canvas…not unusual in an outdoor environment!!

I got the painting about 60% complete, as I wanted to jump around to various parts to show my technique and how to do in certain areas.

Josie took the below photos.


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  1. Thanks for the great demonstration, Donald! Very inspiring to a beginning painter like me.

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