Millbrae Demonstration

Last night I was honored to present a painting demonstration to the Millbrae Arts Association. It is a small, but lively group. I was told to expect about 10 people, but 17 actually showed. Prior to the demo, Sherry, the president mentioned it might be good to do a snow scene, which is what I did.

I won’t go into all the details, so below are a few shots during the meeting. I did a snow scene of the Truckee River, which is one of my favorite subjects in the past.




Below is a snapshot of the painting, which I finished probably in about 90 minutes–

Truckee Winter

3 thoughts on “Millbrae Demonstration”

  1. Donald, I love your paintings, especially the color, I have a question, it looks like it I need to start sitting when I paint. Where did you get your chair? Do you sit for the large paintings or just the small ones?

  2. Robin, thanks for the kudos. I have had lower back problems for about 30 years off and on, so that is the main reason I sit many times. While plein air painting, sometimes I bring a regular fold up camping chair you can find at most any sporting goods store. I also have a little tripod camping stool, which is smaller, but don’t use it much. In the studio, I usually sit in a chair, depending somewhat on what I am painting…both large and small, although I tend to stand for the larger works.

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