Off to Seasons of Martis

I am off tomorrow to participate in the Seasons of Martis plein air event. Information about the event is in the previous blog and on my website. Looks like we will get a little snow Thursday and Friday, so it should make the painting interesting. I have never painted a snowstorm before, but it might be fun trying. It is supposed to be sunny Saturday, so may have to do most of my serious painting then. I might try to post to the weblog as we go along as my motel has high speed internet support.

I am also dropping the new Cave Rock painting mentioned in prior blogs at the Village Art Gallery in South Lake Tahoe, plus a number of new miniatures at James Harold Galleries in Tahoe City. It turned out quite well–

The Red Boat, Cave Rock, Lake Tahoe

“The Red Boat” * 48×36 * Oil on Canvas

2 thoughts on “Off to Seasons of Martis”

  1. Hey Donald, enjoy that event. My friend Andy Skaggs is an organizer. I wish I could join in, but I’m in San Luis Obispo for their plein air show, opening tomorrow night. There are so many! Hope you enjoy great weather.

  2. Ed, thanks for the note. You must be tired after painting all week, I think it is Andy Skaff. I met him today for the first time. Things are going well…I have started 3 paintings and finished none! Too much snow!!!

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