Out with the Old!

…and in with the New!

It’s only a couple days into the new year, but let’s hope it goes better that last year!

I painted “Primary Swell’ some months ago, published it online in several places, but never quite satisfied with it. It was taken from a drone shot during a primary swell in Monterey Bay February 2021. I even had a buyer for it during my open studio event last October, but said let me work on it a bit more. You can read about the genesis of the painting here.

After pondering what it was lacking, decided it mainly needed more color and interest in the big wave, which should be the center of interest. I kept going around in circles, at least in paint circles, probably redoing the wave 3-4 times until somewhat satisfied.

So, in a symbolic gesture of getting rid of the year 2021, it’s out with the old, and in with the new. Below are the two versions of the painting, the older on the left, and the new on the right.

Click and move the slider back and forth to see the difference.

“Primary Swell, Marina”, 22×28, oil on canvas

Here’s to a better and more prosperous 2022!

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