Painting with the California Art Club at Lake Chabot

The California Art Club was founded in 1909 with a primary purpose to promote the fine arts in the fields of painting, drawing and sculpture referred to as traditional and representational art. In recent years, every quarter year, they have a “paintout”, and today I attended at Lake Chabot, in the eastern foothills of San Francisco Bay.

After seeming weeks of rain, I rode my Harley to the paint-out today. Hadn’t been on the bike much lately so the fresh breeze and clean air deposited by the recent rain was intoxicating as I made my way to Lake Chabot.

A number of familiar faces and art friends were there, Paul Kratter, Larry Cannon; and I met a few artists with familiar names…Eric Rhodes editor of Artist Advocate and Fine Art Connoisseur, Doug Dunlop, to name just a few. I got so involved in talking and painting, my camera was left in my back pocket. Towards the end of the day, it was out, and below are some shots of the day.

When I first arrived at Lake Chabot, the water was clear and still—


Charles White and Julia (didn’t get her last name, sorry)


Artists were spread out all over Lake Chabot, this far shot incliudes Doug Dunlap, whom I had met earlier–


A shot of my easel with the two paintings of the day–


Closeup of one painting–


I had to leave a little early, but am sure the artists who stayed for the afternoon pot-luck had a great time.

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