San Juan Bautista Revisited

I am writing this several days after the fact…something I will explain later.

The Los Gatos Plein Air was painting at Mission San Juan Bautista again, as it is becoming a favorite spot for many. Coming down from San Jose, the sky varied from clear, to cloudy, to heavy fog, so wasn’t sure what to expect. I arrived a little before 9:00am, and the entire town was enveloped in heavy fog. It was burning off quickly though, so we scouted around and started to paint.

I decided on an unusual angle lookup up from El Camino Real at the old mission. Below is the painting. I added a little pathway leading up from the foreground just to add some interest to the work. I also omitted a picket fence which ran right in front of the mission. I am not sure if I should put it in or not. It would add interest, but detract from the mission behind it. Anybody have an opinion about that?


Below are a few more picts of the group painting.


After finishing the first painting, I had about an hour before lunch, so did a little study of the clouds. The skies had broken into a beautiful cloudy day. I did the below painting in a little over 30 minutes. I like the quick roughness of it.


Around lunchtime the group retired to a local mexican restaurant. We had a great time talking about art and a lot of other subjects. On the way home, the lunch was feeling a little heavy on my stomach, but I didn’t think much about it. Around 6:00 that night, I started feeling ill, and had a few ‘dry heaves’. Now it is 3 days later, and I am finally feeling normal. Although my wife thinks it may have been the flu, I don’t think I will patronize that restaurant again!

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