Scottsdale Artist School with Marc Hanson

First off, that is not my painting.

I have always admired Marc Hanson’s work from afar. I have never met him, nor seen any of his paintings in real life and have only seen his work on the Internet. What draws me to his art is his magical ability to make a seemingly mundane, common, ordinary place into … well … a great piece of art… and with subtle elegance. You can see it above with a simple scene which just draws me (maybe you) in, and then looking around, such simple elegance.

It is often said, don’t buy a piece of art unless it “speaks to you”. Well, as an artist, Marc’s work speaks to me.

So, I am in Scottsdale, Arizona on a Sunday tonight, after flying in to Pheonix to attend an all week workshop by Marc. For you baseball fans, the SF Giants spring training just ended today at Scottsdale Stadium, just two blocks away from my hotel. Glad I’m not paying yesterday’s hotel rates!!

I’ll try to post some developments along the way….stay tuned…

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