Seasons of Martis

I just returned from the Seasons of Martis plein air event.  Rather than detail the entire trip day by day, I’ll just throw in a few pictures of my 5 day trip to the Lake Tahoe area.

After checking in on Wednesday, I headed out to the Truckee River to do a painting.  I ended up painting close to Patricia Wallis, another participant in the show–


Below is my easel by the Truckee–


Below is the completed Truckee painting.  This is just a quick snapshot and I will try to get a better photo on my website–


The next morning I headed over to Waddle Ranch.  The gate is normally locked, but they unlocked it so we artists could paint the area.  It was very windy, so I huddled right next to the car–


Below is my partially completed painting on the easel–


Friday morning I went out on Mt Watson road which had a magnificent view of the valley–


Below is a quick snapshot of the painting–


The clouds rolled in Friday afternoon, and snow was predicted for later in the day, so I retreated to the motel to do touch-ups and framing.

I ended up entering just two of the four paintings in the show, the Truckee River painting and the view from Mt Watson road.  There was a reception on Saturday night, but I forgot to bring my camera.

I had Sunday morning free, so went out and painted the lake.  It was probably my best painting of the trip, but the show didn’t allow paintings of Lake Tahoe…just Martis Valley–


Below is a shot of the show on Sunday afternoon–


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