The greatest meeting of land and water in the world.

–Landscape artist Francis McComas
Carmel Highlands, 8×16, oil on board

Point Lobos is not too far from my new home in Marina.  Considered the crown jewel of California’s coastal state parks, the views are endless and I could spend a lifetime painting just there.  Although I have painted there more times than I can count, it had been awhile!

The Monterey Bay Plein Air Painters were meeting there, so joined in.  Usually these paint-outs are as much a social event as creating great paintings.  Today, I wanted to do a good piece for possible upcoming shows, so went early, prior to the 10 o’clock meeting time, arriving before 9 am.   I was astounded being the first car in the parking lot!  Usually it’s full and congested all day long.  Although the artists were scattered over a wide area, my guess is about a dozen showed up for the paint-out.

The surf was still high from recent storms, and the biggest I have seen in the preserve.  WOW!!  Waves were pounding and crashing the rocky coast, sometimes splashing, as a guess, over 30 feet high.  You could feel the thundering surf on your chest!!  Stupendous!!

I took a little hand trolley to haul my equipment, hiked around to the south part of the preserve and painted a scene looking south.  The coast along this area is called Carmel Highlands, with a number of mansions clinging over the rocky cliffs.  The famous photographer Ansel Adams lived there in his later years, and Clint Eastwood and other Hollywood luminaries  own quite a bit of property there.  His production company, Malpaso Productions is named after a creek there.  The Eastwood movie “Play Misty for Me” was mostly filmed there, among many, many, others.

Spending a little over two hours, got a ‘keeper’.  Although I was painting from Point Lobos State Preserve, actually, none of the preserve is in the painting!  As usual, I might touch it up a bit. Simplifying the surf a bit, and add a few more strategically placed rocks, might help, but doesn’t really need much.

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