Two, Three: Woz Way

Woz Way was named after Steve Wozniak, one of the founders of Apple Computer, the inventor of the Apple 2 and other wonderful inventions Apple produced in their early years. Woz Way wraps around the Childrens Discovery Museum situated near the south end of downtown San Jose. As I recall, Woz contributed heavily to the museum, and continually contributes both monetarily and personally in the area. He is a local hero.

I did this painting sitting under the overpass of Woz Way, right near the intersection of Interstate 280 and Hwy 87. Up to the left you would find the Childrens Discovery Museum of San Jose. To my back is the freeway interchange of I280 and 87. The Guadalupe River Trail is where my easel is sitting. Here is a link to the location.

This is the southern end of the Guadalupe River Park Area which runs right through the middle of San Jose, and I will try to do a few more in the next week or so along the Guadalupe to capture the fall color.

Painting under Woz Way
Painting under Woz Way
Painting under Woz Way
Painting under Woz Way
Woz Way  8x10 Oil on board
Woz Way 8×10 Oil on board

I scraped the stream three times, and wonder if I should scrape it again.

I also tried to explore more along the Guadalupe River Trail, but much of the access to the river is restricted and posted ‘by permission only’, presumably to keep the homeless from building camps. I guess I will have to check with the city of San Jose to get permission into some of these areas.

The third painting is of Thompson Creek a few miles upstream from painting number one, close to the intersection of Aborn and White Rds, and just a few miles from my house.

Along the banks of Thompson Creek
Along the banks of Thompson Creek

Silver Creek II 8x10 oil on board
Thompson Creek 8×10 oil on board

Here is a link to the location.

One thing I am learning early on is I a will have to do many more than 52 paintings to get a good body of work. The paintings above needs something, but I can quite put my finger on it. Anybody have any suggestions? Too busy? Not enough contrast?

Update: This was originally named Silver Creek II, but is actually Thompson Creek which flows into Silver Creek. I updated this post accordingly.

2 thoughts on “Two, Three: Woz Way”

  1. My favorite one is the third one Along the banks of Silver Creek because the colors are so balanced, beautiful, and real! Great!

  2. Davis Northnagel

    I wouldn’t know how to critique this. You have a great eye and a great talent! Can’t wait to see what is next.

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