Win One, Lose One

The largest cycling event in America, the 2009 Amgen Tour of California is a Tour de France-style cycling road race that challenges the world’s top professional cycling teams to compete along a demanding, 750-mile course from Sacramento to Escondido from February 14-22, 2009.  This year is special because Lance Armstrong, the famous cyclist is in the competition.

In past years, I have motorcycled out on the California coast to paint, and then watch the race go by.  I would have gone to the coast this year, but we have been battered for days with a long series of rain storms (we need it, but the bikers have been drenched!!), so decided to meet the race close to home in San Jose.

The race actually passed within miles of my home, but I decided to go up a little further into the hills east of Milpitas to catch the race in a more rural spot.  The forecast was for 90% rain,  but the skies were clearing, so I took off.  I took my paints, hoping to paint and watch the race as before.  As soon as I got to my selected spot, on Calaveras Road just as it climbs over the foothills, it started raining, and continued until I left.

Well, I won one by watching the race, but lost one, as I was pretty drenched, and went home without a painting.  I may go right back after this storm clears, as I forgot how much that area of the eastern foothills of Silicon Valley is so scenic!

Rather than photos, I thought you might enjoy a short video–