Winter in Yosemite

I usually take a painting trip to Yosemite around this time of year. There are no crowds, lodging costs less than half of normal, the air is crisp, and maybe cold & snow around. This year my wife wanted to go, so we booked two nights at the Ahwahnee Hotel. As the date approached, the weather didn’t look too promising, but we decided to go anyway.

We arrived Monday and it was still sunny, so after checking in, I rushed out and did a quick painting down the road. The sun was starting to dip behind the towering cliffs by the time I spent an hour or so on the painting…



The next day we awoke to a slight drizzle. I don’t mind painting in the rain, but it usually ruins the painting. So after a leisurly lunch, we drove around and I took lots of pictures. The one below was particularly striking to me as the sun almost peeked through the storm clouds.


That afternoon, it was still slightly drizzling, so I found a spot under the eaves of the Ahwahnee and did a painting of the grand hotel herself. I usually don’t do buildings or architecture, so considered it good practice. Below you can see my easel and the scene I painted–



Below is a snapshot of the final painting–

Ahwahnee Hotel

As we left Wednesday, snow flurries were starting to waffle down and I really hated to go. The 4 hour drive home was in constant rain, but the California countryside was wonderful glowing with a bright green from the recent rains.