Yellowstone by Harley

I have been back from my motorcycle trip to Yellowstone and the Tetons for over a week, and have really been remiss in reporting the trip.

Although this was primarily a riding trip, I managed to break away from the pack and do two paintings in Yellowstone.  I have been to both Yellowstone and the Tetons many times, but riding around on a Harley is definitely a unique and fun experience!  To demonstrate that point, below is a picture of me on my Harley wondering where that beast was headed.  He actually ended up walking off the road right behind me!


My first painting was at Firehole Falls.  Below are a couple shots of the falls, and my portable easel.


My next painting was of Lower Yellowstone Falls and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.  I started the painting late in the day, and the falls were backlit by the afternoon sun.  What a wondrous view!  The first photo was actually taken earlier the next day, and then the painting sitting on my tripod.


Below are a couple shots of the paintings after I returned home.  They need touching up a bit, but just painting in this wondrous place was reward in itself.

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