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Last May, I installed “Google Analytics” on my website. “Google Analytics” tracks your website usage, how people find your site and a lot of other information. It is free, and the reports are quite comprehensive. After several months, the reporting shows some interesting trends. Almost 40% of the people who visit my website are referred by ““. This website has a link to my oil and acrylic demos. They have a myriad array of art demos, plus many tools for the passionate artist. So a big thanks to Ralph at “” for sending traffic my way! Below is a jpg of my plein air oil painting demo.

2 thoughts on “Creative Spotlite”

  1. Thanks Don!

    I certainly appreciate this post.

    I am very happy that Creative Spotlite is sending traffic to your site. You are a very talented artist and you deserve to be recognized as such.

    I wish you all the best.

    God Bless!

    – Ralph

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