Painting Los Gatos

The Los Gatos Art Association Plein Air group was out today painting in a neighborhood of Los Gatos. I had been wanting to paint more architecture, so joined them. It was a cloudy morning, but patches of blue were beginning to show. I ended up painting a partial view of the porch of a collector of one of my paintings, Sandy. Today was a day to experiment. I painted just a 4×6 oil using a Lagnickel flat brush, similar to the kind Richard Schmidt uses for many of his work. By the time I finished, the sun started peeking out.

Below are some pictures of the day.


Some of the painters waiting for the sun to appear.


Kevin, a fellow member of the Society of Motorcycle Plein Air Artists.


You can see the painting in the lower left sitting on my easel. I actually painted most of it holding the board in my left hand.


A snapshot of the final painting.

1 thought on “Painting Los Gatos”

  1. Looks like a great day, painting with some company.

    I am also exploring architecture more, as it has been a weakness and challenge to paint structures in a loose way. Dan Mcaw Jr and ken Auster really excel with this balance.

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