Hollister Almost Finished

This is the painting mentioned in the previous blog from my motorcycle travels down Highway 25 south of Hollister, CA. It is just about done. I will let it sit for a week or two, and then finish a few details. Right now I am titling this “Hollister”, but might change that once it goes to a gallery. It’s a 30×40 oil on canvas.


They are growing a lot of grapes in that area now, and the green you see on the top of the distant hill are grapevines. I have some more interesting studies of these rolling grape fields, which I might do in the future.

Here is a larger jpg of the painting if interested.

3 thoughts on “Hollister Almost Finished”

  1. Don I really like your paints….the vineyards are big now in California. But I also liked your seascape prints… Pam

  2. Donald, I really like your paintings. I also love your subject matter. Being a truck driver, I see a lot of the beauty we’re blessed with here in California. I was in Hollister-Watsonville-Castroville-Salinas twice this week. One of the things I a kick out of is seeing old barns barely standing with most of their roof gone.

    The other thing that kills me is the car graveyard you see behind so many ranch homes. Sometimes there’s a half dozen rusted out old cars left to decay… Don’t get that at all. But it makes for an interesting image and I wish I had the talent to capture some of the weird stuff I see.

    Really good work Donald!

    Rob Miller

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