San Mateo Coast

My nephew, Jeff was spending a few nights in a tent cabin at Costanoa, so I decided to ride the Harley up the coast and paint, spend a night, then paint back down the coast. I left around noon Monday, and my first stop was Greyhound Rock. It was nice painting there as I could sit on a park bench with my easel.

First stop was Greyhound Rock state park.
A fellow from Frankfort, Germany stopped by. After chatting a bit, he took a photo of me painting.
Here is a quick snapshot of the painting at Greyhound Rock. I left the lower right a little unfinished as it was time to move up the coast.
Next stop was Pigeon Point lighthouse. I have been planning on doing a large work of this coastal landmark, so decided to practice.

It was blowing so much, my canvas was shaking all over the place, so I didn’t even attempt to paint the lighthouse, but rather all the surroundings.

The tent cabin for the overnight stay. After a nice bbq steak dinner, and some campfire philosophizing, it was off to bed.
The next morning, I decided to stop at Greyhound Rock state park on the way back down the coast as the park benches were very welcoming.
A quick snapshot of the second painting by Greyhound Rock.

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  1. Hi, Donald: Gorgeous work; wish you could come to “my” coast (Maine) and paint

    Is there a snail mail address where I can send you something?

    Kind Regards, Alice

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