Month: August 2007

“Meet the Artist” at Sandy-by-the-Sea Gallery

Its a little bit last minute, but the Sandy-by-the-Sea Gallery in Carmel is hosting a “Meet the Artist” each Saturday evening in September. I’ll be there on Saturday, September 8 between 6 and 8. They will have a reception along with refreshments. I plan on doing a painting demonstration, and we will probably auction it off when complete.

Coincidentally, the Monterey County Artists Studio Tours is that weekend also.

Below is a painting I have showing at the gallery.

“Pescadero Cove” (plein air) * 12×16 * Oil on canvas board

Cave Rock Progress

In my last post, “From Tiny to Huge”, I mentioned I was painting my first 36×48 vertical painting, the subject being Cave Rock which towers over Lake Tahoe on the eastern shoreline. As promised, I thought I would post a status report. Below is my progress so far. Most of it is 98% complete except for the immediate bottom foreground. I debated on whether to put in the boat house and docks as they would become the center of interest. As you can see, I went ahead and put them in which I think adds a nice touch.


I am going to have to go back to painting miniatures, as they are selling quite well at the galleries. I guess my next post might be “From Huge to Tiny”!

From Tiny to Huge

I had been painting so many miniatures lately, it was time to try something a little bigger. I had been wanting to do a large work of Cave Rock which towers over Lake Tahoe. On my last visit there I went out to the east shore of the lake to take some photographs of the area in the early morning light.

I normally don’t announce paintings until they are done, as you never know how they will turn out. However, this is the first 36×48 vertical or portrait style painting I have done, so it is an entirely new experience.  A 36×48 canvas is about as large as I can comfortably handle in my studio.  I had to adjust my easel for the first time in a decade in order to be able to paint it without standing on a chair! Below is my primary study I am working from, although I am incorporating elements from other photos I have.

I’ll let you know in a week or so if it turns out!

Weblog Hacked

I just returned home from a week in Texas celebrating my parents 65th wedding anniversary. Trying to check my weblog, I kept getting all kinds of errors. Coming from a tech background, I poked around a little and noticed one of the critical files in my weblog software had been overwritten by a bunch of  garbage. To make a long story short, my web hosting company, restored the files from backup and so the weblog is back up again. Evidently a hacker had gotten in and replaced the files. also did some changes to prevent future attacks…at least of this sort.

I don’t know how many read my weblog regularly, so my apologies for the outage.

Painting Los Gatos

The Los Gatos Art Association Plein Air group was out today painting in a neighborhood of Los Gatos. I had been wanting to paint more architecture, so joined them. It was a cloudy morning, but patches of blue were beginning to show. I ended up painting a partial view of the porch of a collector of one of my paintings, Sandy. Today was a day to experiment. I painted just a 4×6 oil using a Lagnickel flat brush, similar to the kind Richard Schmidt uses for many of his work. By the time I finished, the sun started peeking out.

Below are some pictures of the day.


Some of the painters waiting for the sun to appear.


Kevin, a fellow member of the Society of Motorcycle Plein Air Artists.


You can see the painting in the lower left sitting on my easel. I actually painted most of it holding the board in my left hand.


A snapshot of the final painting.

Creative Spotlite

Last May, I installed “Google Analytics” on my website. “Google Analytics” tracks your website usage, how people find your site and a lot of other information. It is free, and the reports are quite comprehensive. After several months, the reporting shows some interesting trends. Almost 40% of the people who visit my website are referred by ““. This website has a link to my oil and acrylic demos. They have a myriad array of art demos, plus many tools for the passionate artist. So a big thanks to Ralph at “” for sending traffic my way! Below is a jpg of my plein air oil painting demo.

Village Art Gallery Grand Opening

For those who read my blog, last week I moved my art to a new gallery at South Lake Tahoe. Things had been moving pretty fast, and I just found out they are having their official ‘Grand Opening’ tomorrow, Friday. Below is a card announcing the event. I am not mentioned on the card, but they have featured my work prominently in the gallery. They have already sold two paintings in the short time I have been there. Anyway, if you are spending the weekend at Lake Tahoe (or any other time for that matter) be sure to visit the gallery.

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