Cave Rock Progress

In my last post, “From Tiny to Huge”, I mentioned I was painting my first 36×48 vertical painting, the subject being Cave Rock which towers over Lake Tahoe on the eastern shoreline. As promised, I thought I would post a status report. Below is my progress so far. Most of it is 98% complete except for the immediate bottom foreground. I debated on whether to put in the boat house and docks as they would become the center of interest. As you can see, I went ahead and put them in which I think adds a nice touch.


I am going to have to go back to painting miniatures, as they are selling quite well at the galleries. I guess my next post might be “From Huge to Tiny”!

2 thoughts on “Cave Rock Progress”

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  2. Tim Thorsteinson

    Donald, I purchased the Cave Rock painting. I summered
    near Zepher Cove in my younger years with family and
    get back to Tahoe Vista when I can. I stay in a place
    called Tonopalo and saw a postcard of the painting in the
    lobby. Live in Toronto now and the painting hangs in my
    dining room. Provides lots of positive memories when the
    snow flies.

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