High Sierra Lake

From April 2020, for a year, I posted on Facebook a painting each day as a brief diversion from the lockdowns and other bad news this year. Neglecting my weblog, I’ll post in the coming days some of my better posts. Some of these paintings are still available.

“High Sierra Lake”, 28×22, acrylic on canvas

From the “kwarantina ?dida fl-istudjo, I have been posting older paintings the last few days as I learned how to paint water with it’s multidimensional layers. Here is another acrylic I did back in the day. It’s a studio painting from studies I did on a backpacking trip into the high Sierra back in 1978.  

I used different techniques when painting water with acrylic as opposed to oils. With acrylic, I would paint the bottom substrate first. Since acrylics dry in a few minutes, I could then keep glazing with a clear medium and add thin layers of paint until I reached the surface. Separating these layers with the glossy medium would give the water depth and a wet look.

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