Month: July 2008

Creative Spotlight

Just received word I am the featured artist on Creative Spotlight this week. They also have several of my demos’ on their website. If you have never explored this website, it is full of great information, demonstrations and lessons every artist can learn from.

The painting shown is currently at my solo show at James Harold Gallery in Tahoe City, CA.


Winter Break * 30×40 * Oil on Canvas

Soar Tahoe

On my recent trip to Tahoe, I went soaring for the first time…something I have been wanting to do since I was a kid. Soaring is flying in a glider or motorless airplane. You achieve lift from air that is moving upwards, usually called a thermal. Although this blog is mainly about art, I thought some of the readers might enjoy see a few pictures of my adventure. Below are a few shots of the trip, which was courtesy of Soar Truckee.

Here is ‘yours truly’ ready to take off–


A tow plane pulls the glider up to a reasonable altitude and then lets go. From here the pilot finds thermals which take you up even higher. At one point we were over 11000 feet high, with some thermals lifting the glider at over 1000 feet per minute! You can see the tow plane in the below photo with Lake Tahoe in the background–


Here is a shot of the northwest part of Lake Tahoe with Tahoe City below–


Another shot of the northeast section of the lake with Incline Village in the distance–


A shot of Northstar ski area–


It was great fun, and I hope to go again, possibly when there is a little less haze from all the California fires!

A Quick Trip to Tahoe

I just returned from a short visit to Lake Tahoe. My primary mission was to deliver 27 paintings to the James Harold Gallery for my one-person show which starts this holiday weekend. Between that, and the 20 or so paintings they currently have on hand, it should be a pretty good show. The works are mainly of Yosemite and Lake Tahoe, both studio and plein air. Below is a shot of one of the premier paintings (and also the largest) in the show:

“The Red Boat” (Cave Rock) * 48×36

The painting was so well received, several patrons expressed interest in it before it was even hung!

Of course, I did paint, but the conditions were not completely ideal as a lot of smoke was blowing in from the California wildfires. At times you could not see the other side of the lake! I’ll include just a few shots from my 3 day visit–

My easel and a partially complete painting–


From a painting session, Wednesday morning, it started as a beautiful day before the smoke started to roll in–


Here is a quick shot of the last painting on my easel, very near completion–

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