Month: June 2008

Skagway, Alaska

Our last port of call on the cruise was Skagway, gateway to the Klondike. We were here once before and it was cloudy and rainy at the time. Same scene this time. After walking around the town, I returned to the ship, and once again, painted from the ship. I used a little artists license and added a splash of sunlight behind the town.


This is the last post from the cruise. Afterwards, we went on to Anchorage, then a couple days at Denali National Park. We toured via bus into the park and I brought my paint set, however there really was not enough time to stay with the group and paint, so I will save that for some studio paintings.

Out of four paintings, I have at least several ‘keepers’ from the cruise, and will touch them up and post photos of them at a later date. Once again, these small canvases are the best souvenier anyone can bring back from a trip!!

Juneau, Alaska

We have been to Juneau several times before, and it has always been cloudy and raining. Today it was most clear and very sunny! I once again decided to just paint from the ship. Below are a few shots of my painting efforts for the day.

The first was from our cabin balcony again—


And a quick snapshot of the painting. Not a good shot, but I think I can touch this one up in the studio—


And, I think my best yet, a scene of Juneau. I don’t have an accompanying actual photo, but here is a quick snapshot of the painting–


Ketchikan, Alaska

As I mentioned in my previous post, we are off to Vancouver for a cruise to Alaska aboard the Sapphire Princess, and I am writing this after returning home.

After flying to Vancouver, and sailing up the coast, we arrived in Ketchikan today. It was rainy and drizzling, and the ‘cabin was still asleep’, so I decided to do a quick painting from our cabin balcony. I brought some acrylics, which I don’t use much now days, so it may take a few paintings to get back in the groove. Below are a few shots from the session.

Below is a shot right outside our cabin balcony while in port–


I thought the scene looked interesting, so decided to paint it from right there. Below is a shot of my travel kit and part of the cabin balcony–


Below is a quick snapshot of the painting, about 45 minutes worth of effort–


We have been here before, and I would have liked to have taken my paints into town, and paint Creek Street which is full of wonderful old buildings, but with the constant drizzle wasn’t sure if I could find a place to actually get out of the rain and a steady stream of tourists. I guess that will have to wait for some later studio paintings.

Off To Alaska!!

I am off to Vancouver, BC tomorrow for an Alaskan Cruise on the Sapphire Princess. This will be our third cruise to Alaska but I have never taken a paint set, so am taking some acrylics and 8×10 unstretched canvas. This is also the first time we haven’t booked any shore excursions, so hope to have plenty of free time to do at least one painting in each port. The forecast looks like rain in every port, so will have to see how that goes. We are going up to Denali afterward, so there will be some good opportunities to paint there also.

Below is a picture of our ship, the Sapphire Princess.

sapphire princess

We will be visiting Vancouver, Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Glacier Bay, College Fjord, Whittier AK, Anchorage, and Denali.

I took a paint set on our Mediterranean cruise several summers ago, and the four paintings I did are my favorite ’souvenirs’ of all time. Below are a couple paintings I did then on Santorini and Rhodes.


I won’t be able to post any blogs on the trip, so will post when I get back with any paintings worth viewing.

Bon Voyage!

Delivering a Commission

I just returned from a quick trip to San Francisco, about a 90 minute drive from the house. I delivered a commissioned painting to Hal and Mary Cranston. They are Yosemite lovers (Hal is on the board of the Yosemite Fund), like my work, and wanted an autumn scene of Yosemite Valley. Below is a photo of the painting, a 30×40 oil on canvas.

Merced River yosemite

Here are the Cranstons holding it in front of the wall it will hang on.


They seemed very pleased with the result, and I hope they enjoy it for many years to come!

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