Uvas Canyon Park

http://www.crossroadsacademy.org/crossroads/school.php?apply=man-in-dapitan-essay-by-jose-rizal We had quite a bit of rain several weeks ago and the local newspaper wrote an article about the area waterfalls which were flowing quite briskly. Top of their list was Uvas Canyon Park, which I had not visited since 2004, so it was about time.

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my admission essay discount code Uvas Canyon Park is nestled in upper Uvas Canyon on the eastern side of the Santa Cruz Mountains several miles south of San Jose. Swanson Creek cascades through the canyon and creates many waterfalls and cataracts.

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see url I couldn’t make it until today as I had been out of town, but figured the falls would still be accommodating a lot of the run-off. After taking care of a little business in south San Jose, which was halfway there, I ended up at the park around 11:00. It was a wonderful day & the falls were still flowing nicely.


enter I painted Granuja Falls which is fairly close to the parking lot. Once I set up, I realized I was almost out of white paint! I managed, though being spare on white, but it lasted for only one painting. Below are some photos of the trip.


high school homework help economics A couple shots of Granuja Falls–


http://militarymamanetwork.org/main.php?google=writing-reports-ks2 My easel by the falls–

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source site A quick snapshot of the painting on my easel–

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http://globalbusiness.kean.edu/study.php?for=extended-essay-international-baccalaureate I struggled a bit with this one and ended up painting in fairly broad and thick strokes with a lot of palette knife work. Not sure if it is a keeper with a little touch up, or just scrape it off. I think I will decide tomorrow!

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Lost Gatos Plein Air Flyer

go I just received a flyer via email from the producers of the upcoming Los Gatos Plein Air. I hope a lot of the ‘locals’ will see the show which is May 28-30, 2009. Of note is they used my painting in the flyer from their last show in 2004…


Nomadas Del Arte

essay in urdu waqt ki pabandi Much of the artwork for the Nomadas Del Arte show is now up on the Southwest Gallery website. Each artist had a year to paint two plein air paintings for the show opening in Dallas in a couple of weeks. I hear some paintings have already sold! Both of my works are of Lake Tahoe. Looks like it will be a really good show You can see it here. My two paintings are below–

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lake tahoe
East Shore Vista * 16×12 * Oil on panel

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http://militarymamanetwork.org/main.php?google=help-writing-assignments Lake Tahoe
Tahoe Inlet * 12*16 * Oil on panel

Painting with the California Art Club at Lake Chabot

thesis and dissertation accomplished The California Art Club was founded in 1909 with a primary purpose to promote the fine arts in the fields of painting, drawing and sculpture referred to as traditional and representational art. In recent years, every quarter year, they have a “paintout”, and today I attended at Lake Chabot, in the eastern foothills of San Francisco Bay.


common essay quotes After seeming weeks of rain, I rode my Harley to the paint-out today. Hadn’t been on the bike much lately so the fresh breeze and clean air deposited by the recent rain was intoxicating as I made my way to Lake Chabot.


get link A number of familiar faces and art friends were there, Paul Kratter, Larry Cannon; and I met a few artists with familiar names…Eric Rhodes editor of Artist Advocate and Fine Art Connoisseur, Doug Dunlop, to name just a few. I got so involved in talking and painting, my camera was left in my back pocket. Towards the end of the day, it was out, and below are some shots of the day.


college essay assignments When I first arrived at Lake Chabot, the water was clear and still—


table of contents for thesis Charles White and Julia (didn’t get her last name, sorry)


http://www.equi.net/write/edexcel-a-level-economics-past-papers.html Artists were spread out all over Lake Chabot, this far shot incliudes Doug Dunlap, whom I had met earlier–


http://www.canamgroup.com/kuwait/?essay=i-need-help-with-my-english-homework A shot of my easel with the two paintings of the day–


http://www.crossroadsacademy.org/crossroads/school.php?apply=synthesis-activity-and-dr-harvey-silver Closeup of one painting–


https://groups.csail.mit.edu/graphics/ProjectTimeLapse/?june=purdue-essay I had to leave a little early, but am sure the artists who stayed for the afternoon pot-luck had a great time.

Carmel Art Festival

canadian history essay topics I just received word I was accepted into this national plein air show, shop now the fourth year in a row. The first year I entered, sovaldi I was honored with Best In Oils, sickness but nothing since. This makes two plein air shows I will be participating in May, the Los Gatos Plein Air May 28-30, and this one, May 14-17. Below is a picture I did last year for the Carmel Show.

Big Sur, California

enter First Rays * 12×24 * Oil