Month: May 2008

James Harold Gallery Show

We just set the date for a solo show at James Harold Galleries this summer. I expect to have over 20 new paintings, including a series on Yosemite I have been working on the last 6 months. Both studio and plein air paintings will be on display.

More details to follow, but the show will run July 3 -October 5, 2008, with an Artists Reception, Saturday,August 2, 1-4 pm , (James Harold Galleries,760 N. Lake Blvd (at the Boatworks), Tahoe City, CA.)

Below is both a studio and plein air painting which will be in the show–

yosemite cathedral rocks
yosmite glacier point

Morro Bay

I just returned from spending the better part of the week at Morro Bay, California. My sister had rented a house there, and most of her family was there. The house was right on the beach…nothing between us and the water except a little iceplant and sand dunes.  We have had many family reunions and outings there, but usually camped at the state park.

I had taken my paints expecting to maybe do a few works for an upcoming show at Lake Tahoe this summer. They want mainly Sierra scenes, so wasn’t sure how many real plein air paintings I was going to do.

The house had a nice little outdoor alcove which was perfect to set up. Good light, and protection from the howling wind. I ended up doing a Lake Tahoe scene, and a Yosemite scene. Below are a couple photos of the alcove and my setup.


Below is a snapshot of the Yosemite painting of Tenaya Lake, still a work in progress.


I couldn’t resist doing one painting of Morro Rock, which was just down the beach. I set up right on the back porch, overlooking the ocean. The wind was so strong though, I only managed to do about a 15 minute color study of the rock itself, but I think was right on in capturing the atmosphere of the coastline.


Carmel Art Festival Day 3

Today is the Carmel Art Festival‘s exhibit and sale. I had two paintings in the exhibit, shown in my last entry. There were lots of great paintings in the show. I am lucky to say I was in very good company!

The crowds were quite thin, though. My guess is less than half the number of people showed up relative to the past few years. At one time they had canceled this years show due to the economy, but then decided to go ahead with it. Sales also seemed slow, which I don’t think surprised anybody. Unlike past years when my works were bid up quite high, this year I sold only one of the two.

Below are a few shots of the show. First is ‘yours truly’ by my two paintings–


A couple shots of the exhibit–


After the festival ended for the day, Sandy-by-the-Sea held a reception and show for me and Stephen Sanfilippo. Here are a couple shots–


Carmel Art Festival Day 2

I had started four paintings so far, wasn’t really satisfied with any of them, although one just needed a little touch-up and would be good enough for the show.

Today, it was down to business!! I was up at the crack of dawn, and decided to drive down the Big Sur coast until I saw something that grabbed me. After about 10 miles, I rounded a bend, over a hill and before me was a stunning view. The sun had just peaked over the coastal mountain range, and was bathing a field with light. The distant hills were also seeing the first touch of light. Below is the scene.


I set my easel up right by the road with my SUV to shield me from traffic and the morning sun. Below is the setup and the almost finished painting.


The painting turned out great…I think one of my best plein air to date.

I continued down the coast to another spot and did another painting in the late morning.


After that, it was back to the motel to touch everything up, frame them, and drop the two works off at the show. Below are a couple quick snapshots of the paintings I entered.

big sur coastline california
big sur california coast

Carmel Art Festival Day 1

Today is the official start of the Carmel Art Festival. We have two days to come up with two plein air paintings which will be auctioned on Saturday. The weather looked to be great the entire several days. The last couple years it had been mainly foggy and rainy!

I had gotten my canvas stamped the night before, and went out to paint a little at Point Lobos in the setting sun. I didn’t get very far, but was back at it when the preserve opened this morning. I ran into a number of others out painting. Below are a few photos of the day…

A partially finished painting on the easel by Bluefish Cove in Point Lobos–


Michael Allison out painting along the same trail–


Cathy Boyer also painting nearby–


Site of my second painting–


My second painting on the easel.


I decided to head down the coast and start another painting at a favorite spot in Garrapata State Park. Too soon the sun was gone, and time to head back to the motel. I had started four paintings and finished none so far!

Off to Carmel

I am off to Carmel today for the Carmel Art Festival. See the website for complete program and locations. My wife, Josie, will be coming down later for the weekend events. Hope some of you can come to the event. Below is the schedule, along with one of my paintings from last year.

Thu & Fri May 15, 16 —
Artists will paint throughout the Peninsula.
Sat, May 17 —
10:00 am Show Opens
5:00 pm Awards Ceremony.
6:00 pm Silent Auctions Close
6:00 pm – Live Auction

Sun, May 18 —
9:00 – 11:00 am Quick Draw (for award winners).
11:00 am Live Auction

big sur carmel art festivel

Seasons of Martis

I just received an email that I am once again accepted into this plein air show. Last year was their inaugural year, and although a fun event, it seemed the show was put together quite hurriedly. This year, it looks much, much different! Entry was juried by several of the top plein air artists in the country, Jean Stern and Kevin MacPherson; they are hosting a ticketed cocktail party and auction; judges for the event are Craig Mitchell and Zee Zee Mott…etc.

Last year I was honored with the People’s Choice Award, shown below.

truckee river, tahoe, california

San Jose History Park

San Jose History Park is sponsoring several artists paint-outs as part of the Breath of Plein Air exhibit. Today was about the only one I could make, so made my way through the unexpected heavy Cinco de Mayo traffic to the park. Only about 4 of us showed up. I normally don’t paint architecture, but am willing to practice. Below are a few shots of the afternoon.

Nick White was already there and talking with passers-by.


There were quite a few people strolling around the park as there was a Greek Festival nearby. In fact we were entertained all afternoon by live Greek music! I decided to do a small 6×8 of an early 20th century gas station. Below is me by my easel.


Below is my painting on the easel. It turned out just OK, but maybe a little better than I was expecting, as I did the entire painting in a #8 bright brush. I will have to add a little detail lettering later with a small brush.


Denver and the Rockies

I just returned from an all week trip to Denver, Colorado visiting my brother and chewing up some frequent flyer miles. I took my full paint set with the idea I might get to do a painting for the upcoming Nomadas Del Arte show.

We spent a night at Black Hawk, the ‘Las Vegas’ of Colorado, which is a short drive into the Rockies from Denver. While there, I went out in the early morning to paint Clear Creek, although it certainly wasn’t a very clear creek. Actually, it is the north fork of Clear Creek. I ended up painting just a mile downstream of Black Hawk.

The morning light was wonderful! Below is the scene as I started painting. The sun was just hitting the distant hills with the stream reflecting the bright morning sky.


Another shot of my easel before I actually started painting.


After an hour of painting, the sun peeked over the nearby hill and I was drenched in sunlight. There wasn’t a good way of getting out of the glare of the sun, and I began to have problems judging values and colors. If I weren’t so far from home, perhaps I would have had my shade umbrella, but didn’t bring it. Below is the scene after the sun was completely out.


Below is a snapshot of the painting on the easel when I was about ready to pack it in. I can do the final touches in the studio.

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