Wonderful Skies

The skies around the San Francisco Bay area are usually pretty dull. It’s usually cloudless, foggy, rainy, or just gray. However when a winter storm passes through, the buildup of cumulus clouds are just beautiful, and the contrasting blues much more pronounced. We just had another storm front move past and the California skies were once again wonderful. Just had to get out to paint the dancing cumulus, so I drove a couple minutes into the hills behind the house, overlooking Silicon Valley and did a quick 6×8 painting. A few pictures below–



Below is the painting. After last Monday’s outing, I decided to use Cadmium Yellow Light instead of Cadmium Yellow Medium to try to get a better representation of the emeral green grass. I think it worked.


And here is a better shot of the painting I did Monday at Jackson Ranch with the Los Gatos group–