Month: September 2008

Local Color

I recently received an email from Karlene at Oil Painters of America.  It is actually a forwarded email from Tony Pro about an exciting new film being released in November.  The movie trailer and film clips look wonderful!  I will quote the entire email below as I can’t say it much better!

Greetings in art! I hope this email finds you well.

I am contacting you to let you know about an exciting event that is happening in the world of representational art. My good friend and painter, George Gallo has made a film, Local Color, loosely based on his life about becoming a painter and the trials and tribulations he went through to train with a Russian master. This film has been picked up by Empire Film Group, which they will distribute for a national release!

Personally, I have seen this film and I can say it is not only a well-directed and well written film, but the core principle of the film is based around making people see the RELEVANCE of Representational Art and calls to attention the ridiculousness of the Modern Art movement. Through the Oscar worthy performance of Armin Mueller-Stahl, we see a Russian master painter who speaks the truth about what Modern Art has done to the world of Representational Art and ha s grown tired of fighting back. Any of this sound too familiar in your life?

I am TIRED of walking into places like Los Angeles County Museum of Art or the Metropolitan Museum of Art and find that they have taken down another Sargent or Rembrandt and replaced it with a piece of Modern “Art” that I can’t even identify what it is. It kills my soul when this happens and I know it kills the souls of many artists around the world.

George and his wife Julie have made a film from money out of their own pockets that promotes this very idea. The studios wouldn’t touch this film because it didn’t have sex and drugs and they don’t see the relevance of Representational Art. Well, my friends, we are relevant and we are here to stay.

The ONLY way we can refute the modernist movement is to make Representational Art RELEVANT again. How do we do this? Not by local shows or even national shows that only get the attention of other artists, it has to be done through the media on a mainstream basis. It needs to be injected back into the mainstream and it needs to become a part of the World Culture again.

This film is going to be out in the mainstream, it’s even trailering on Apple’s website. This is our champion piece for our cause to start moving Representational Art forward and make it relevant to the masses.

PLEASE, I implore you to go support this film in it’s first week of opening nationally the week of November 7th; take your spouse, go with friends. This movie has something for everyone to discover. The film is so well made that you don’t need to be an artist to enjoy. It’s a heartwarming story that will touch your soul, I know it did mine and it made me realize how good and proud it feels to be a representational artist and to cherish life through art and the relationships we make along the way.

For more information and to see a trailer:

Respectfully yours in art,
Tony Pro

Yellowstone by Harley

I have been back from my motorcycle trip to Yellowstone and the Tetons for over a week, and have really been remiss in reporting the trip.

Although this was primarily a riding trip, I managed to break away from the pack and do two paintings in Yellowstone.  I have been to both Yellowstone and the Tetons many times, but riding around on a Harley is definitely a unique and fun experience!  To demonstrate that point, below is a picture of me on my Harley wondering where that beast was headed.  He actually ended up walking off the road right behind me!


My first painting was at Firehole Falls.  Below are a couple shots of the falls, and my portable easel.


My next painting was of Lower Yellowstone Falls and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.  I started the painting late in the day, and the falls were backlit by the afternoon sun.  What a wondrous view!  The first photo was actually taken earlier the next day, and then the painting sitting on my tripod.


Below are a couple shots of the paintings after I returned home.  They need touching up a bit, but just painting in this wondrous place was reward in itself.

On to Yellowstone

I am blogging from Wells, Nevada, a tiny town at the crossroads of Interstate 80 and Highway 93 in the Northeast corner of Nevada.  I have been on the road for two days on the Harley with the destination of Yellowstone and the Tetons.  I’m travelling with a couple of couples, one on a Honda Goldwing, the other on a Yamaha FJR.  Needless to say we are having a great time riding!

Tomorrow we will travel up 93 into Idaho and then across to West Yellowstone where we will stay for a few days and tour the park.

I brought my paints, and plan to let my fellow motorcycle riders tour the park while I pick out places to paint.  I’m travelling with a unique set of painting equipment (at least for me) as I have to carry 11 days worth of living on my bike.  If it works out, I’ll give details later.   I have been to the Yellowstone a number of times, so am more anxious to paint than see every geyser! 

After that, we are off to the Tetons for a couple days.  Below is a plein air I did of Mt Moran the last time I visited this area….hope to do more!!




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